Domestic and family violence is not okay

A range of Indigenous resources to help to build awareness about domestic and family violence and the courts process were released earlier this month.

The resources reinforce the message that domestic and family violence is not part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and that all people, families and children should be safe, protected and free from fear.

Recognising that attending court for domestic and family violence can be difficult or confusing, the resources, produced by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, provide practical information on how people can access the help and support they need.

They provide advice on how people can:

  • Prepare for going to court
  • Feel as safe and comfortable as possible during their court appearance
  • Understand clearly what is happening in court, what has been decided, and how this will affect them and their family.

The resources include a discrete booklet with information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by domestic and family violence, as well as a discrete wallet card containing basic information about the importance of preparing for court, asking questions and seeking help.

There’s also a short video explaining the different forms domestic and family violence can take, and an A5 card explaining how community organisations and service providers can support people who are going to court.

The printed resources are available in Torres Strait Islander Yumplatok and Wik Mungkan.

For copies of these resources, or for more information, please contact: