Finding support for DFV is now easier

The Queensland Government has launched a new digital solution to better support Queenslanders experiencing or impacted by domestic and family violence. The new online portal provides easy access to information and support services from across Queensland government agencies and selected funded services in one consolidated location.

Until now, people affected by domestic and family violence would have to visit several websites to access information about a range of support services. For example, a person looking to leave a violent relationship may require information on domestic violence orders, housing options, considerations for children’s schooling, financial assistance, and mental health support to name a few. The new portal consolidates access to this information, so that people only need to visit one site to access all the information they might need.

Not only will the site provide a single point of access for all of this information, it has been designed in collaboration with services, victims and bystanders. Significant research and user testing has been undertaken to help better understand the needs of individuals to ensure that the design facilitates easy access to information based on an individual’s need or circumstance taking into account the range of services and support they may need to access throughout their journey. The portal will also be a great resource for friends, family or bystanders who are looking for information on how to support someone experiencing domestic and family violence.

The portal is now live at