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The Boys by Gordan Graham

Tuesday 04 Oct 2022

PIP Theatre

PIP Theatre, Brisbane’s newest performing arts theatre, is partnering with charity Micah Projects to present a gritty Australian drama – 'The Boys' by Gordon Graham. 'The Boys' season run is from 4 October to 22 October 2022 and will coincide with Sexual Violence Awareness Month in October 2022. The play is an analysis of the violence that lurks in the heart of Australian society. It was first performed in 1992 and has never before been professionally produced in Brisbane. We aim to generate discussion and awareness by asking, what has changed over the last 30 years, what hasn’t changed and what needs to change over the next 30 years with regard to domestic and family violence in Australian society. “It’s been 30 years since this play premiered at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company and, sadly, the issues it raises about domestic and family violence and the situations that lead to serious crime are still so relevant today,” - Deidre Grace, Creative Director and Founder “We don’t want people to walk away and say, ‘that’s horrible, thank goodness this doesn’t affect me’, we want them to walk away with an awareness of how they can make a difference so we’re not still having this conversation in another 30 years’ time.” As well as expanding Brisbane’s vibrant performing arts scene, PIP Theatre advocates social action, donating a portion of ticket sales from every performance – whether a co-produced or wholly independent production – to a nominated charity or not-for-profit organisation. About PIP Theatre: PIP Theatre is both a performing arts organisation and a venue, programming and commissioning powerful theatre and providing space to like-minded creatives and organisations. Expanding Brisbane's vibrant performing arts scene, PIPs 100 seat venue champions theatre as a social enterprise with powerful messages and social issues at the heart of each performance PIP Theatre’s mission is “Purpose in Performance” to provide paid professional opportunities to Brisbane artists and arts workers while programming and staging work that combines powerful messages with definitive social action.

Tuesday 04 Oct 2022 19.30pm
Saturday 22 Oct 2022 19.30pm
PIP Theatre 20 Park Road, Milton, 4064 QLD
Wheelchair access without assistance

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PIP Theatre

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