Access translating and interpreting services

If you are a Queensland Government funded domestic and family violence (DFV) service provider, on this page you will find information on engaging translating and interpreting services to support your clients from non-English speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds.

You can also download the Access translating and interpreting services fact sheet.

When to engage an interpreter

The Queensland Government is committed to use translating and interpreting services to improve access to the full range of government and non-government funded services. Find out more about the Queensland Government Language services policy.

Translating and interpreting services should be provided in situations where a non-English speaking client has difficulty communicating in English. As a service funded by Women’s Safety and Violence Prevention (WSVP) in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG), contracted service providers can access translating and interpreting services at no cost.

It is not recommended that family members and/or friends be engaged as paid or unpaid interpreters. A National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accredited interpreter is recommended for service providers to bridge communication gaps with clients. Professional interpreters are bound by a code of ethics to maintain confidentiality, impartiality and accuracy.

How to engage an interpreter

DJAG-funded, non-government organisations are provided with access to Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) National. The TIS National immediate phone translating and interpreting service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. TIS National has more than 70 years' experience in language services and access to more than 2,700 interpreters in more than 150 languages.

To access the service, eligible providers need to register with TIS National to set up a client account and be allocated a client code. Once you have completed the registration and received a client code, please forward this onto our WSVP Contract Officer.

We will then consolidate your information with TIS National. This means you will be noted as an active funded service and TIS National will invoice DJAG directly for service usage. TIS National invoices DJAG monthly on any usage for authorised service providers.

Once your contract ends with WSVP, the payment arrangements with DJAG will be revoked. You can still use TIS National for translating and interpreter services but you would be invoiced directly and required to pay the invoice as per a normal supplier arrangement.

How to book an interpreter

Service providers can phone 131 450 to access the immediate TIS National telephone service.

To pre-book, service providers can email You must advise your full name, position, organisation, contact details, and details about your interpreting needs.

If you have difficulty logging in to make bookings, please email for assistance.

Alternatively, for questions relating to your account/access (not bookings) please phone 1300 655 820.

If TIS National cannot provide an appropriate interpreter

In the rare instance that TIS National is unable to provide the required translating and interpreting service, you may need to engage another translating and interpreting service provider that can meet the required needs. If this happens and you have received an invoice from the alternative service provider, you may submit a request to have the cost paid by DJAG.

To make a request, send the invoice to your WSVP Contract Officer and provide the following details as part of your request:

  • the circumstances that required use of an alternative provider
  • the reason TIS National could not assist
  • email confirmation from TIS National that they could not assist
  • copies of any correspondence with TIS National on this matter
  • any other information that will support the request.

We may also request further supporting documentation.

Your WSVP Contract Officer will provide you with a response to the request, advising whether the cost will be covered in this instance.

TIS National contacts

Here are some useful contact details for TIS National.

For more information visit the TIS National website.