Sexual violence prevention

Sexual violence can happen to anybody. However, we know that women, children and young people face the highest prevalence of sexual violence.

We strongly believe that sexual violence is a violation of human rights and is unacceptable, so we are committed to preventing and responding to all forms of sexual violence in our communities.

Sexual violence prevention framework

Prevent. Support. Believe. Queensland's framework to address sexual violence sets out the Queensland Government's vision to prevent and respond to all forms of sexual violence.

Current initiatives addressing sexual violence

Find out about the initiatives and commitments across government that are contributing towards preventing and responding to sexual violence.

Review of consent in rape and sexual assault

Find out about the review of consent laws in rape and sexual assault by the Queensland Law Reform Commission.

Youth sexual violence

Youth sexual violence is a complex and challenging issue that can affect young people in all communities across Queensland. Find out about our commitment to addressing this issue.

Sexual violence statistics

Browse statistics on sexual violence.