Suicide prevention framework for working with people impacted by DFV

In response to Recommendation 1 of the Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board 2016–17 annual report, a Suicide prevention framework for working with people impacted by domestic and family violence (the framework) has been developed, supported by consultation with subject matter experts, and representatives from the domestic and family violence (DFV) and mental health sectors.

Who is the framework for?

The framework is relevant for all frontline workers who may come into contact with people impacted by DFV, including victims, perpetrators and witnesses.

The framework is intended to guide practitioners working with people impacted by DFV in Queensland, to effectively support people who may be at risk of suicide.

How can the principles of the framework be implemented in my service?

It is recommended that DFV services have explicit policies and procedures for supporting clients who may be at risk of suicide, and that these are reviewed and updated to incorporate suicide prevention practices as outlined in the framework, as required.

Implementation support for DFV services funded by the Queensland Government can be discussed with WorkUp Queensland through workforce development plans.

Is the use of the framework within my service compulsory?

The use of the framework is at the discretion of service providers and agencies. While funded DFV services are strongly encouraged to utilise the framework to improve their responses to risk of suicide, implementation will not be enforced through funding agreements or the Human services quality framework (HSQF).